Speed Work in Training

Do you incorporate speed work in your training?
Speed Work in Training

If you’re training for a longer race, such as a marathon or Ironman, you’re most likely getting your long runs in. But doing volume doesn’t make you faster, it helps you resist fatigue.

A higher training volume is needed for these longer races and you need that fatigue resistance to get you through the race. But it doesn’t end there.

If you always train at the same speed, you can’t expect to race at a different speed. This is where speed work and a variety of paces in training comes in.

How does speed work help you with your upcoming races?

Incorporating speed work in your training will help improve:

  • Mechanical efficiency 
  • Race specific speed 
  • Finishing speed 
  • Speed endurance 
  • VO2 Max

All the things that you need for a good race and finishing faster.

Adding a variety of paces doesn’t have to be limited to speed work on the track.

Base training is usually thought of as easy slow running, but it doesn’t have to be restricted to a slow, sluggish pace. While easy paces have their place and should be incorporated into training, the key to remember about base training is that it has to be aerobic, which is below threshold.

Aerobic means “with oxygen”, compared to anaerobic which is “without oxygen”. Anaerobic speed work is fast and above threshold paces. To be aerobic, a workout has to be below threshold pace, which covers a lot of paces. So not all workouts have to be long and slow.

Whether you train by yourself or not, experiment with different paces in your training. It will help you improve as an athlete and you’ll get a better sense of pace. Fine tuning those paces and having an arsenal of various speeds is what will get you through all your races.

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