The Rise Endurance Coach Mentorship Program
for beginner & intermediate running coaches and triathlon coaches.

Wondering if a Triathlon Coach Mentorship or a Running Coach Mentorship is for you?
Coaching is more than just passion for the sport.
It’s more than being an athlete yourself.
And it’s not the equivalent of being a workout buddy or a personal trainer.
The truth is, your athletic ability has little to do with your coaching ability.

Success starts with an investment in your coaching career.

Besides knowing the sport and how to develop training plans, being a good coach requires professionalism, good business sense, and a solid understanding of training theory and physiology.

Just as you would help your athletes to be the best they can be, you also need to work on becoming the best coach you can be. To do this, you need to learn from an experienced coach and you need to continually develop throughout your career so that you can better support your athletes.

You’re not alone in your journey.
We can get you going in the right direction.

The interaction and guidance you receive from an experienced coach in our Triathlon Coach Mentorship or our Running Coach Mentorship is the ideal way to improve as a coach so that you can better serve your athletes. In this comprehensive program, you’ll learn not only the business of coaching, but also the foundations of the sport and training so that your athletes can be on their way to reaching their potential.

Who This Coach Mentorship Program is For:

The Rise Endurance Coach Mentorship Program is a 3 month program designed for beginner to intermediate coaches.
This is a remote and virtual program that can be completed from anywhere.
No need for to travel or to take time away from your family and work. It can be completed at the ease and convenience of wherever you are.
Because we know that you’re busy, we made the coach mentorship programs so that it could fit your life and schedule.

What You’ll Learn:

In this exclusive program, we’ll cover the spectrum of topics you need to be on your way to becoming a top-notch coach:

  • The business of coaching and starting a business
  • Applied Exercise Physiology
  • Periodizing your athletes’ training
  • Designing an annual training plan
  • Workouts and biomechanics
  • Strength training for endurance athletes
  • Sport Psychology for improved training and racing
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Revenue sources for coaches

The Coach Mentorship Program Includes:

This three month program answers your questions on the principles of coaching, training theory, and best business practices. Our coach mentorship program entitles you to:

  • Unlimited emails with Coach Joan
  • Monthly scheduled calls with Coach Joan
  • Webinars covering all of the topics
  • Sample forms for you to use for your business and athletes
  • Annual training plan template
  • Coach website review & suggestions

Why a Mentorship with Coach Joan?

Joan has solid experience in small businesses and knows what it takes from practical experience. Not only is she a professional coach, but she also grew up in a family business where she experienced firsthand how to grow and run a business. Whether you plan on coaching part-time or full-time, she can guide you through your coaching career.

Joan has been an exercise physiologist for close to 20 years and an endurance athlete for 30 years. She coaches endurance athletes both remotely and locally and enjoys teaching and advising both running coaches and triathlon coaches. When Joan’s not coaching or mentoring, she enjoys writing.

Coach Joan’s Education and Certifications Include:
Triathlon Coach Mentorship and Running Coach Mentorship
  • Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology & Psychology from Seton Hall University
  • USA Triathlon Level 2 Endurance Certified Coach
  • USA Track & Field Level 2 Endurance Certified Coach
  • IRONMAN Certified Coach
  • NSCA – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association – Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Heart Association Basic Cardiac Life Support

Take Advantage of This Remarkable Opportunity

This investment for 3 months of coaching education and guidance is $899

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