“Suddenly, the impossibles seem possible…”

What can I say about Joan…awesome is one word that comes immediately to mind.  I felt compelled to pullover and write this review after my 1st session with her.  She came to the workout prepared with a plan.  Focus: Running Form and Core.  What a dynamic workout!  I left the session feeling empowered, confident and unstoppable; and my body strong and invincible.  She was encouraging and supportive.  Suddenly, the impossibles seem possible.  I can’t wait for our next session!


“I destroyed my old time…”

I just completed the Wyckoff triathlon and took third in my age group. This was only possible because of the run clinic and form analysis you performed. After four years of running the five mile run leg within a few seconds of 36 minutes, I destroyed my old time by clocking 34:25 and that was after biking the 17 miles a full 2 minutes faster. The difference was that my form was much more efficient. Friends even noted how much easier my stride looked compared to previous years. Thank you!


“You are simply the best at what you do!”

Thank you thank you thank you! You made what I wanted to do come true – a Cape May marathon finishing just two weeks before my 62nd birthday to boot. To the best Coach! Of course being almost 62, all I can add is “man am I tired!” But you are simply the best at what you do!

~ Hugo

“Swimming has improved 200%!”

Wow, went from a 53 min swim in Miami last fall to a 37 min swim at Eagleman this past Sunday. Your video and advise paid off. Thanks. Shooting for much lower in the future too 🙂 Swimming has improved 200%! Thanks.

~ Trey

“Your analysis helped me to finally run a time-goal marathon…”

After 9 years of running marathons your analysis helped me to finally run a time-goal marathon without having my legs give-out at the 17-20 mile mark. The small but important form improvements along with the pre-hab exercises and stretches you prescribed made an immediate difference in my long runs.  I went from barely being able to finish 20 miles to completing my 20 mile long runs at race pace + 15 seconds. On race day I managed a PR by over 9 minutes and all of that was because my form prevented my hips and glutes from fatiguing prematurely.

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!

~ Michael

“Joan will teach you how to be intuitive…”

I started training with Joan over a year ago as a novice triathlete. Within a month’s time I quickly appreciated the importance of having a good coach. More than realizing your goals and lowering your times, Joan gives so much structure and reason to your schedule and fitness. There is so much technology these days that it’s easy to fall under the trap of what a machine is telling you what you can and can’t do. Because of this, training and racing becomes automatic and monotonous. Joan will teach you how to be intuitive and what the principles behind each discipline are in order to feel your way around your training. Constant communication with her is also key to the success of my fitness. She will always adjust to your needs and advise you on how to better your training. The lessons you learn from this constant conversation can surely be translated to many other aspects in life.


“Joan has been such an inspiration and a wealth of knowledge…”

I’m currently training for a marathon and Joan has been such an inspiration and a wealth of knowledge. She has given me lots of useful tips to help me prepare for the big day!


“I certainly never dreamed I would have the results that I’ve had…”

Before meeting Coach Joan, I had been running for awhile and had entered myself in a few local races with the results being okay but certainly nowhere near the level I was hoping to attain. So 5 years ago, at one of Bergen County’s local races, I met Coach Joan who happened to be warming up the runners before our 5K race.  5 years later I’ve competed in 135 races to date, finished 3rd in my age group at the USATF-NJ state finals and this coming November will run the NYC Marathon.

When I made that phone call 5 years ago, my average 5k time was slightly under 30 minutes. My latest 5k was 22:50 and next month I will be 64 years old. She has not only coached me through numerous 5ks and 10ks, but through half marathons and my first full marathon down at Cape May NJ three years ago. For most of us, the proof of a great coach is in the results. Coach Joan can get you those results you never thought possible and it is all done with great professionalism and a super friendly hands on approach to match your unique style and athletic ability. I certainly never dreamed I would have the results that I’ve had over these last 5 years.