The Rules

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I often get asked about what’s legal and what’s not during a triathlon race.  And now that we’re in the early season of triathlon racing, I thought it would be a good time for a review.  The way I see it, it all boils down to safety, respect, and being a good sport.

USA Triathlon makes the rules pretty clear for us (take a look at the links below for the list).  And when you think about safety of the athletes and coordination of an event, you’ll realize how important they are.  If you haven’t been racing for very long, it’s not uncommon to be a bit worried and uncertain about the rules.  If you’ve been racing for a while, these should be second nature.  Either way, don’t take these rules for granted and realize that they’re there for a reason.

Don’t get disqualified with these most commonly violated rules:

  • Have an approved helmet
  • Buckle the chin strap
  • No outside assistance
  • Keep your transition area neat
  • No Drafting – Keep at least 3 bike lengths between you and the cyclist in front of you
  • Stay on course
  • No unsportsman-like conduct
  • No headphones
  • Wear your race number
  • Wetsuits are allowed up to 78 degree water temperature
  • No littering

The most commonly violated rules can be found here:

See the full list of USAT rules here:

Happy Racing!

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