Now’s an Exciting Time to Tri

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At Rise Endurance, we’ve pledged to support Time To Tri. And right now’s an exciting time to tri!

Time To Tri is a campaign between USA Triathlon and Ironman to grow the sport of triathlon at all levels, at all distances, in all parts of the country.

If You’re Already a Triathlete:

You can help by spreading the word and letting others know that triathlons are doable and it is NOT an impossible sport only for the elite.

Remind others that triathlon is more than just iron-distance races. We’ve got Sprints, Olympic Distance, and Half Iron Distance, too!

If You’re a Runner:

Now’s a great time to give triathlon a try!

If you’re a runner and have been thinking about doing a triathlon, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to get started and how to balance your triathlon training with your run training.

Triathlon is more than just training for three different sports, it’s training for one sport with different components. And balancing your triathlon races with running races is very doable.

If you haven’t thought about doing a triathlon or are worried it would take away from your running, have no fear! This is a perfect time to learn more. Triathlon training is a great complement to running and can actually help you improve.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be a runner if you decide to do triathlons 🙂 You’ll just have the secret weapon of being a well rounded athlete.

Oh, and the best part of triathlon? You save the best for last in a race! Imagine all the non-runners you’ll be passing in the last leg of your next triathlon.

Worried about swimming? You’re not alone. Read more about what you can do about overcoming a fear of open water swimming.



Time To Tri



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