Our comprehensive approach to run coaching and triathlon coaching for busy professionals is scientifically based and athlete-centered.
We take the whole athlete into account so that you can reach your full potential. 

Our athletes achieve better results because we use the most current and up-to-date information in exercise physiology, nutrition, health, and training. We continually stay current in the fields of run coaching, triathlon coaching, and health with continuing education and certifications.

Why Choose Rise Endurance?

When it comes to monthly run coaching and triathlon coaching, we’re strong believers in delivering truly custom and individualized training. We don’t give cookie-cutter plans to our athletes. We’re not computer programs that send you automated pre-made plans or workouts. And we definitely won’t throw just any workouts onto your plan.

As a Rise Endurance athlete, you’re prescribed detailed workouts and field tests so that we can monitor and adjust your training, fitness, and recovery. We constantly monitor and individualize your training based on your current fitness level, race goals, health, schedule, and sport skills.

We use both subjective and objective data when coaching our athletes, which means we monitor your perceived effort and feeling as well as heart rate, pace, and power. Because if any of these are dismissed or ignored, then you’re missing a piece of the larger picture.

Throughout the coach-athlete relationship, we continually monitor your
completed workouts, data, biometrics, and notes in order to
interpret and understand how you’re responding to training and recovery.

What Differentiates Us From Other Coaches?

Coach Joan is an Exercise Physiologist, which means she’s qualified to prescribe exercise as well as conduct and evaluate fitness and exercise assessments. And having a coach who’s an Exercise Physiologist means that you have a health professional on your side; Someone who can prepare you for the demands of racing while remaining healthy.

Coach Joan has studied the body’s responses and adaptations to exercise in depth and has worked in the healthcare field. She applies her knowledge and experience to improving your athletic performance and health.

Run Coaching and Triathlon Coaching

We develop truly custom exercise prescriptions tailored to your needs and requirements
in order for you to meet your running and triathlon goals.

Whether you’re local or across the country, we guarantee to make YOU a priority.
Find out how in the Rise Endurance Customer Guarantee.