The Importance of Your Core


Do you ever find yourself feeling unsteady, wobbly, or unable to solidly complete a move while strength training?  Or any other time for that matter?

The answer may be in your core.

The core is your powerhouse and keeps you solid while performing various movements.  A strong core is vital for both sports and for your daily life.

Wondering how it’s important during your daily life or those who don’t participate in sports?  Think about this…Do you know anyone who ever had back pain that wasn’t due to spine issues or the wrong bike fit?  It may have been due to weak abs or core.  When your abs are weak, it forces your back muscles to work overtime and compensate for the work that would normally be equally distributed throughout your trunk.

The core is also a key player in your running form and swimming form.

I know what some of you are thinking right now.  “A strong core = strong abs, better start doing some sit-ups.”  Oh, but that’s just the beginning.  Your abs are only part of the equation.  The core actually compromises the muscles of your trunk or middle section: the abs, pelvis, back, glutes, and hips.

If you’re not already including core exercises in your strength training or fitness routine, it’s time to start.  And during your next strength session, be mindful of what your middle section is doing.  Is it just going along for the ride?  Or is it actively engaged and supporting you during complicated moves?

Looking for some core moves?  Check out the core exercise video on the Rise Endurance YouTube Channel

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    […] Working the core muscles (the abdominals, pelvis, back, glutes & hips) are important for endurance athletes because the core plays a big role in good running & swimming form.  Becoming a faster athlete requires attention to good form so that you are more efficient and use less energy at faster speeds.  If you compete at longer distances, such as half Ironman and Ironman races, your form will break down as fatigue sets in, which is why strengthening these areas and having good form play an important role in your training. […]

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