Staying Warm Before a Race

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If you’re running a larger race, whether it’s a 5k or a marathon, chances are you’ll be waiting in a corral for a while before the start gun goes off. And staying warm before the race during the winter months isn’t just about comfort, it can affect how well you race.

Staying Warm Before a Race

Try these options to stay warm before your race starts:


Getting in a good dynamic warm-up along with some easy jogging prepares your body for the upcoming race by increasing heart rate, breathing, and core temperature.

But while your pre-race warm-up may keep you warm for a little while, when you’re standing in a corral and waiting for the start, you’ll quickly begin to cool-down. So while you wait, try to do a few dynamic movements, such as high knees, to keep your muscles warm. Just be sure to check around you and stick to ones that won’t get another runner accidentally kicked as you move around.

Dress in Layers

Wearing a long sleeve or light running jacket on top of your race clothes will keep you warm while you wait and is something you can easily tie around your waist once you get running.

If you don’t want to have to think about another top, then consider wearing arm warmers which can be tucked away when you no longer need them.

As an alternative, you can also wear a cheap pear of sweats you don’t mind throwing away. This is a pretty popular option at marathons. Some races will collect the thrown-aside sweats and donate them. Before choosing this option, be sure to check the race rules about leaving clothing behind.

Wear a Hat and Gloves

Keeping your head and hands warm are a great way to keep yourself warm. And just like arm warmers, once you warm up, you can take them off and tuck them away.

Drink Warm Fluids

Having a cup of your pre-race coffee or tea will warm you from the inside. If you can take a cup with you to the corral, you’ll stay hydrated and warm.

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