How to Set Goals as a Runner or Triathlete

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With the new year starting, it’s a good time to set aside some time to sit down and reflect on the past year and what you would like to achieve in the next twelve months. You may have questions about … Continued

Faster Triathlon Transitions

Don’t leave faster triathlon transitions up to chance. The time you spend in transition could make or break your race. In fact, it’s known by many as the time for “free speed” because it’s a lot easier and takes less effort … Continued

Hot Weather Training & Racing

Training and racing in hot weather is challenging, especially if you aren’t acclimated to the weather yet. It takes approximately one to two weeks to acclimatize to the heat. So if you know you’ll be training or racing in hot … Continued

Staying Warm Before a Race

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Staying warm before a race can be a challenge when you’re either racing during the winter months or if the morning of the race is chillier than it will be during the race. If you’re running a larger race with … Continued

5 Tips for a Better Ironman Lake Placid Run

As an Ironman Lake Placid Event Team Coach, I’ve answered a lot of questions about the Ironman Lake Placid course, how best to approach training, and general pre-race advice. In any triathlon that you compete in, especially longer distance Ironman … Continued