Strength Workout At Home

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Part of staying healthy and supporting your immune system is continuing your training and exercise routine. While some people aren’t having problems with the change in training, others are feeling the challenge of not having a race to train for. And some people might be having a difficult time getting in a strength workout at home.

No matter which way you’re feeling, know that what you are feeling is normal. Training at home can be challenge when you’re used to having access to a full gym and race goals. But there are ways to get in a good workout at home that will benefit you for future races. 

Making sure you get in workouts will benefit you in multiple ways. Some of the benefits of continuing with a workout routine during this time include:

  • Supporting your immune system
  • A better mood
  • Setting up a habit of consistency
  • The chance to work on the areas you don’t normally give time to
  • Thinking outside the box and being creative with the space and equipment you already have
  • Burning off those extra calories from the comfort food you might be reaching for

Keeping up both your cardio workouts and your strength sessions are important. Don’t have any equipment at home for a strength session? Not a problem! There’s a lot you can do with your own body weight. Body weight exercises have been around for a long time and can be adjusted based on your strength and skills.

Strength Workouts At Home

A great example of this is a squat. Start with a basic squat, and as you improve and get stronger, you can progress to the bulgarian split squat, single leg squat, prisoner squat jump, and pistol squat.

Looking to get started on an at home strength workout? Try this one:

warm up with 5 min of dynamic stretches

Pre-Set: 2x
15x Y T W L
20x bicycle crunches
15x clamshell on each side
20x bird dog

Main Set: 2-3x
15x Squats
12x Push up with scapular push up
15x Donkey kicks each side
12x Windshield wiper each side
15x Reverse lunge w/knee drive
Bonus exercise: Burpees

Cool down with static stretching

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