TriDot and Rise Endurance

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In the coaching industry, just as in all industries, it’s important to stay on top of advancing technology. It can help us to do our jobs better and it can aid us in making improvements. It’s important to remember that how it’s used, who uses it, and the knowledge of the user makes a big difference in how well the technology works. And we should keep in mind that we can’t let it take place of an actual human expert. Someone who has a deep understanding of both the basics and advanced concepts will be better able to utilize technology.

In triathlon or run coaching, this means that someone with a thorough understanding of exercise physiology, health, and training principles is better suited to take advantage of and use technology to better aid their business and their athletes. The technology that can help us includes things like sports watches with GPS, heart rate monitors, power meters, and augmented intelligence (AI).

TriDot and Rise Endurance

TriDot, an AI training software, has recently become the official training platform for IRONMAN®. With that news, Coach Joan kept an open mind and gave it a try to see what it could offer. She was impressed and saw the possibilities.

So she made the decision and Club Rise Endurance has partnered with TriDot and RunDot as the club’s training platform.

And we’re excited to share that TriDot is a finalist for “App of the Year” at the Sports Technology Awards, also known as “The Oscars of Sports Technology”! We’re shortlisted in THREE categories alongside giants like Apple Fitness+ and NBA.

This recognition highlights TriDot as a leading training platform powered by augmented intelligence for coaches and athletes. As the Official Training Platform of IRONMAN®, we’re at the forefront of triathlon and endurance sports innovation.

Club Rise Endurance is proud to offer our VIP club members the benefit of training through both TriDot and RunDot.

Start your own free trial today using this link:

Both runners and triathletes can use TriDot by adjusting the setting in your account. But if you prefer a free trial on RunDot, use this link:

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