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Ironman, half Ironman, or long distance triathlon race.

As a busy professional, it can be difficult balancing your time between work, family, travel, and triathlon training.
It’s time to make the most out of your available time.

I just completed the Wyckoff triathlon and took third in my age group. After four years of running the five mile run leg within a few seconds of 36 minutes, I destroyed my old time by clocking 34:25 and that was after biking the 17 miles a full 2 minutes faster. Friends even noted how much easier my stride looked compared to previous years. Thank you!

Whether you’re local or across the country, we work with you on your triathlon goals so that you can feel stronger and cross the finish line faster.

At Rise Endurance we take a comprehensive, athlete-centered approach to your triathlon coaching. We take the whole athlete into account by taking your life, available time, health, and athletic history into account.  We use both subjective and objective data when coaching our athletes, which means we monitor your perceived effort and feeling as well as heart rate, pace, and power. Because if any of these are dismissed or ignored, then you’re missing a piece of the larger picture.

With the expert guidance of an Exercise Physiologist, we help you navigate through your Ironman or half Ironman journey with the training and direction to get you through your race faster while remaining healthy and injury-free.

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You won’t fall by the wayside or become just another number. 
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How It Works:

We start with a free consultation to discuss what your goals are, what you’re looking for in coaching, and to decide if we would be a good fit.

At the start of coaching, you’ll complete our registration form which includes questionnaires on your available time to train, athletic history, health, and fitness. We then evaluate your information and, after connecting to your TrainingPeaks account, we develop periodized and totally customized training that’s scientifically based and targets your physiological limiters. We prescribe detailed workouts and field tests in order to monitor and adjust your training and to better understand your responses to various training stimuli.

Depending on the coaching level that you choose, your training is posted either weekly or monthly.
At the Rising Star level of coaching, you’ll received unlimited analysis of your running form so that we can work on injury prevention and becoming more efficient. And if you ever need adjustments because of life, family, or work commitments, we’ll make the necessary changes.

It doesn’t end there. Throughout our coach-athlete relationship, we always keep an open line of communication to answer all of your questions. We also monitor your completed workouts, data, biometrics, and notes in order to interpret and understand how you’re responding to training and recovery so that you progress from where you are now to where you want to be.


Training Plans for Triathletes

Form Improvement with video analysis

Rise Endurance Membership
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Phone Consultations: $119 for a 45 minute call
Phone or video call discussion with coach and exercise physiologist Joan Scrivanich. We’ll discuss your goals, training and racing, and answer your triathlon questions.

Athlete Consultation Program: $239 for two 30 minute calls plus 2 emails every month.
Perfect for the self-coached athlete who is looking for feedback and guidance. During these calls, we’ll discuss your goals, training, racing, and answer any questions you have.

One-on-One Training Sessions: $150 for a 1 hour session
Train with exercise physiologist and sport performance expert Joan Scrivanich in a session focused solely on you and your triathlon needs. Sessions can focus on strength, core strength, form & technique, or track sessions. All sessions include email follow-up.
Discount of 10% is available when purchasing a package of 3 or more one-on-one sessions.

Semi-Private Coaching Session: $100 per person for a 1 hour session
Grab a friend and train with Coach Joan in a semi-private session.
Maximum 4 people per session.

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