Triathlon and Running E-Books


I’m excited to announce my upcoming triathlon and running e-books!

Triathlon and Running E-Books

The Beginners Guide to Triathlon


Injury Proof Your Run

The Beginners Guide to Triathlon will be perfect for the beginner triathlete or an athlete coming into triathlon from another sport.  It covers the basics of the sports and what you need to get started and keep going.

Injury Proof Your Run will be ideal for runners and triathletes who want to continue their running or triathlete career for a lifetime.  It covers everything from running form and strength to mileage and recovery.

Keep an eye out for more info and release dates.   In the mean time, here’s a little sample…

“If you’re serious about your running and your finishing times, you’ll be running more than the minimum weekly mileage in order to finish a race. Your weekly volume of running is important for improvement and fast times, but the key thing to know here is that you want to run enough to stimulate your running, but not so much that you can’t recover from it.”
– from Injury Proof Your Run

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