We have two options available for your training plan needs:

If you’re looking for an alternative to monthly coaching, then these options are your best bet.
Both Custom Training Plans and Pre-Built Training Plans are best suited to self-motivated and independent athletes with predictable schedules.

Not sure which to choose? Contact us and we’ll help you decide!

Longterm and ongoing coaching is not available for these plans. For ongoing monthly coaching, check out our Run Coaching and Triathlon Coaching options.

Custom Running and Triathlon Training Plans

Need a short term plan tailored to you and your upcoming race?
Our custom training plans are available for runners and triathletes of all ability levels.

These training plans are developed and customized to you and delivered through TrainingPeaks. We prescribe detailed workouts based on your current fitness and racing goals. They are scientifically based and target your personal physiological limiters.

We start with an initial consultation to discuss your available time, your goals, and your current fitness level. We then build your training plan and deliver it to your TrainingPeaks account. Don’t have an account? No worries! We can help set you up. After you receive the plan, we’ll schedule a second phone call to go over any questions you have about the plan and to make any necessary changes. No further changes will be made after that time.

All of our custom training plans include:

  • An initial consultation
  • One follow-up call to address questions and changes to the plan
  • Athlete Guide
  • Zone Chart
  • Discount to yearly Rise Endurance Club Membership

These custom plans are available for $49 per week.
Ready to get started?  Fill out the Registration Form and purchase your plan.

Pre-Built Running and Triathlon Training Plans

We have pre-built plans for specific running and triathlon races as well as general race plans, all of which are ready for you to use immediately.

Browse through our library of plans where you’ll have the choice of a plan that’s designed for a specific race or a plan that’s built for a specific race distance. You can also choose based on your ability level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
Not sure which to choose? Contact us and we’ll help you decide!

All of our pre-built plans include:

  • Athlete Guide
  • Zone Chart
  • Discount to Rise Endurance Membership

Choose a Training Plan: