Training for a PR in Your Next Race


Training for a PR in your next race?

Training for a PR in Your Next Race

We all want to do our best when we race, so whether you’re a runner, triathlete, cyclist, or swimmer, here a few ways to get you there:

– Don’t just train at the same pace to get in the miles, include quality work each week.  No matter what distance you’re racing, including some kind of speed work will increase your overall speed, increase your economy at that speed, and improve your mechanical efficiency.

– Include strength training and corrective exercises in your training plan. Strengthening your whole body will increase your strength & power, decrease risk of injury, improve fatigue resistance, and improve efficiency.

Recovery is also important.  When you or your coach are designing your training plan, recovery days (both complete days off and active recovery) should be incorporated into your plan.

– Have a plan. Having a periodized plan will give you the best chance of getting a PR.

The best way NOT to get a PR?

Building up mileage with no recovery weeks, winging it each week, and not doing corrective exercises to keep your body balanced & healthy.

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