National Triathlon Week and Getting Started in Tri

National Triathlon Week and Getting Started in Tri

National Triathlon Week is July 22-28 and it’s a great time to get started in Tri! This is a time to celebrate the sport and the multisport lifestyle that we love so much. If you’re a triathlete, spread the love and let others know how great our sport is. If you’re new and want to learn more, now’s a good time to learn how to get started in the sport.

Each day of National Triathlon Week features a different theme:

Monday, June 22: Time to Tri Day 
Tuesday, June 23: Olympic and Paralympic Day 
Wednesday, June 24: Swim Day 
Thursday, June 25: Bike Day 
Friday, June 26: Run Day 
Saturday, June 27: Race Day 
Sunday, June 28: Community Appreciation Day 

Below, are our most popular articles for each day’s theme. Check them out to learn how you can improve in the sport.

Time To Tri Day – Getting started in triathlon

10 tips for beginner triathletes
Mistakes every triathlete should avoid
Beginner’s guide to tri

Swim Day

Overcoming your fear of open water
Choosing the right triathlon wetsuit
Better breathing while swimming

Bike Day

Cycling indoors or outdoors
Simple bike maintenance

Run Day

5 tips for a better Ironman Lake Placid run
Learn how to conquer hills
What you need to know about treadmill running
Running for triathlon

Race Day

Staying warm before a race
5 tips to calm pre-race nerves
What to wear for a fall Ironman
Faster T1 transitions
Faster T2 transitions

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