National Organic Harvest Month

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What comes to mind when you think of September?
The temperature starts to get cooler, triathlon season is winding down in some parts of the country, cross country running is starting up, kids are back to school, and we start to look for the first changes in color on the trees.

Well, it’s also National Organic Harvest Month!

We see the label on food and it has been increasingly more available.  But what exactly does it mean?

In order for something to be USDA Certified Organic and be able to display the USDA Organic label, it must be at least 95% organic and NOT contain:
Toxic & persistent pesticides
Synthetic growth hormones

So why bother with Organic or Non-GMO Project Verified?

Well, that old saying “you are what you eat” is true. In order to be healthy, feel good, and perform at your best, you should be eating a healthy, well balanced diet.

For those people who eat a lot of processed and non-organic food, they may not realize until they change their diet just how much better they will feel with good quality food. When changing to an organic diet, some people have said they felt less bloated and had fewer health problems.

Organic food not only appears to be more nutritious, but eating an organic diet reduces your exposure to pesticides leading to a healthier, disease free you.

Organic food can be expensive, but if you want to include more of it in your diet, check out these sites which talk about eating organic on a budget. If you’re looking for more, just google “eating organic on a budget”.

And check out these Reasons to Avoid GMOs

Want to know more about what Organic means?






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