Ironman Village Review at Ironman Lake Placid


Ironman Village Review at Ironman Lake Placid

Lake Placid (aka LP) is one of my absolutely favorite towns. Ironman weekend in this town is amazing. Summer is the busiest season there, and Ironman weekend is the busiest weekend of the year. If you’re from the east coast or the NY metro area, you’ll most likely run into someone you know while there for the Ironman. It’s like the whole east coast converges in Lake Placid that week.

Lake Placid was the first town in North America to host an Ironman, and they’ve recently announced a new half Ironman that will take place in September 2017. I’m really excited to see how well it does in town. Anyone who’s been to an Ironman knows the trip isn’t complete without a visit to the Ironman store and Ironman Village. Here are some of the booths I visited while at the 2016 Lake Placid Ironman Village.

Ironman Village Review at Ironman Lake Placid

Rudy Project

Rudy Project is one of our sponsors, so of course I had to say hello. Their sunglasses and helmets are great quality and perfect for keeping up with all we do as athletes. Don’t forget to use our discount code when shopping with them for 50% off MSRP for all online products and up to 70% off MSRP for sale and clearance items.

Rudy Project at Lake Placid Ironman Village

Green Goddess Natural Market

This market is on Saranac Ave in Lake Placid and the perfect place for picking up your natural and organic food and products. I love that they carry so much organic in their store. At Ironman Village, they had a tent set up ready for you to pick up a quick bite or drink. I had an herbal iced tea and sweet potato burrito – Yummy!

Green Goddess Natural Market at Lake Placid Ironman Village

T-PiN! Muscle Therapy

When I first saw the Trigger-Pin booth, I assumed it was just another roller. Well, after trying it out, I was so impressed that I bought one for myself. If you roll and get massages, you’ll really appreciate this product.

I like getting firm massages to get out all the knots, and a firm massage is the best description I can think of when describing this product.  It was great!

I have a few different types of rollers at home: The Stick, a foam roller, the Trigger Point roller & ball, and the Trigger Point foam roller. So comparing my other self massage products to a massage might be an easy way to understand how these all work.
Swedish/light massage: foam rollers & The Stick
Medium firm massage: Trigger Point products
Firm Massage: T-PiN!

T-PiN! at Lake Placid Ironman Village

Clif Bar

Clif Bar had tables with samples and I was happy I stopped for some. The first product I tried was the nut butter filled bars and they were delicious! They have two flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. They’re a nice change in flavor from their usual bars and I’m looking forward to using them.

They also had their Organic Energy Food, which are wholesome pureed real food in a pouch. It’s a great alternative to the gels and bars that we can sometimes become tired of in long distance training and racing. I had one pouch of the banana maple oatmeal for breakfast on Ironman morning (spectating & cheering are exhausting!) and was satisfied most of the morning.

They did a great job with these Energy Food pouches. I love that they’re real food and tastes great.

Clif Bar at Lake Placid Ironman Village

Aqua Sphere

I have a pair of Aqua Sphere goggles that I love for open water swimming. Don’t get me wrong, I wear them in the pool, too. But when it comes to open water, I only want my Aqua Sphere. There is no obstruction to my vision and they are very comfortable.

Combine these googles with a few swipes of Foggies anti-fog wipes and your golden.

Aqua Sphere at Lake Placid Ironman Village

NormaTec Recovery

I don’t think Normatec recovery boots needs an explanation. We all know the name and if you’ve had the chance to try them out, you probably wanted to take them home with you immediately. At Ironman Village, they had a recovery booth with a line of reclining chairs ready for athletes to try them out. They do wonders for tired legs.

Normatec at Lake Placid Ironman Village


I might be slightly addicted to bags, so I wasn’t going to stop at this table, but I’m glad I did. These bags have lots of compartments to fit everything you need to take with you, including a sunglass compartment, helmet storage, & a wet/dry compartment. I ended up getting one of their larger sized bags which can be carried by the handles or as a back pack. And the beautiful thing about them is they don’t have to be just another transition bag. My Jeep driver (see below) owns an Ogio bag and packs his bike in it when he flies. I definitely see myself using this bag for weekend or overnight trips.

Ogio at Lake Placid Ironman Village


So, if you know me, you probably already know I drive a Jeep. I’ve learned from having other brands, that will only drive Jeeps from now on. It’s nice knowing that they’re trail rated (I mean, shouldn’t every runner have a car that can drive what they run over?). But since I don’t really plan on testing out my Jeep on the trails, I figured going to the Jeep Off-Road Course was my chance to see it in action…with a professional driver behind the wheel.

It was like being on a slow motion roller coaster 🙂

Jeep at Lake Placid Ironman Village Jeep at Lake Placid Ironman Village








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