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Visiting any Ironman town during Ironman week is exciting and full of activities and I love being in the middle of all the action.  In the case of the Boulder, Colorado race, that means listening to live music from the IronBand, Opening Ceremonies, and visiting Ironman Village.  So, I thought I would write up a quick Ironman Village review at Ironman Boulder.

Not only did I run into fellow triathletes in Ironman Village, but I got to meet and learn about products and services that would be helpful to both runners and triathletes.

Ironman Village Boulder CO

We obviously have some great sponsors, including Xterra WetsuitsRudy Project, and SBR Sports.  I applied for sponsorships with these companies because I trust and believe in their products.  I use them myself and want my athletes to benefit from their awesome products.  So, naturally, I also wanted to share what I learned about the companies listed below with you.  They are not sponsors or affiliates in any way, but I did think they were interesting.

Sportlast Compression

It’s not surprising to find compression socks at Ironman Village, but this company caught my eye.

Medilast, a medical compression company, now makes sport compression through their company Sportlast.  Since it’s a company that started as medical compression, they KNOW compression.

And they really kept the athlete in mind.  They have different types of socks and sleeves, including: all day compression, recovery from sport, and various socks based on the sport you participate in (running, triathlon, cycling, skiing, basketball…).

I tried them on and they are COMFORTABLE.  There’s nothing that digs in to the top of you calf or the back of your knee, and no toe section that tightens or squeezes your toes.

Clif Bar Organic Energy Food

Clif Bar isn’t new to the market, in fact I regularly recommend their products to my athletes.  But they now have pouches of pureed real food made for athletes to eat during exercise or a race.  I was ecstatic to find out about this.  Not only is it organic, but it tastes awesome!

If you’ve trained for and competed in any type of long or ultra distance race, including Ironman or ultra runs, you know how hard it can be to swallow down any of those bars after eating them all day.  As much as you may love a product, you start to crave some real food  after a while.

Well, Clif bar to the rescue.  I’ll admit I was skeptical when I saw a flavor like Pizza Margherita, but after sampling all their flavors I absolutely loved them.  This is the answer your taste buds are looking for while spending all day training and racing.  My favorite floors are the Pizza Margherita and Banana Beet Ginger.  Pizza Margherita has a huge amount of sodium and potassium, so it’s meant for long distances.  Banana Beet Ginger can be used for any distance.

Blueprint for Athletes

This is a blood testing service by Quest Diagnostic specific for athletes.  They perform a full blood test that includes testing for allergies and you get a report telling you if you are within ranges or not.  With those results, you can make sure you remain healthy and in peak condition during training and racing.

Finally, blood testing with the athlete in mind!

Onus IV Hydration

This I found interesting and was surprised to come across.  Getting an intravenous after an ultra distance race will help with recovery and rehydration, so I suppose it was just a matter of time until someone decided to offer an IV service. But in order to compete clean, you won’t be able to use it since it is prohibited at all times according to the World Anti-Doping Association. For more information on IV rules, visit:



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