We’re On Your Side in Your Health and Wellness Journey.

health & wellness coaching

At Rise Endurance, we take a holistic approach to health & wellness coaching. Because being healthy isn’t about just counting calories. A healthy lifestyle is about having energy, enjoying your food, being happy, and being active. It’s incorporating lifelong healthy practices and being able to balance it with your busy life.

Why Health & Wellness Coaching?

You want to live a lifestyle that positively supports your physical and mental wellness. But it can be difficult when there are so many choices and not enough time. The challenge is consistently working on all aspects of a healthy life including:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Getting enough quality sleep
  • Performing the right amount of exercise
  • Managing stress
  • Choosing healthy food options
  • Maintaining a positive outlook
  • Achieving a work-life balance

Why Choose Rise Endurance?

Sustainable changes to your long term health requires the help of the right professionals on your side. And as an Exercise Physiologist, Joan is a health professional who’s qualified to prescribe exercise as well as conduct and evaluate fitness assessments. She has studied the body’s responses and adaptations to physical activity in depth and will apply her knowledge and clinical experience to improving your health and wellness.

Joan’s graduate level studies have included physiology, psychology, sleep, nutrition, and health.
Her clinical experience includes working with patients in cardiac rehabilitation and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Coach Joan will work with you on your health and wellness goals and can also collaborate with your medical team or registered dietician.

How It Works

First, we start with a free consultation to discuss your challenges and goals.

At the start of coaching, you’ll complete our registration form which includes questionnaires on your available time and your health and fitness history. We then evaluate your information to develop a customized approach to your wellness, nutrition, and training that’s scientifically based and prescribe you detailed workouts and exercises to support your healthy lifestyle.

Health and wellness coaching includes:

– Two phone calls per month
– Unlimited emails and texts
– Customized training with detailed workouts
– Health, wellness, and nutrition information and guidance
– Discounts on other Rise Endurance services
– Rise Endurance Partner discounts

Get started in being your healthiest for $379 per month.

Looking for Heart Health Coaching?

heart health coaching

Coach Joan also has the specialized experience and knowledge to work with you if you’ve graduated from a cardiac rehabilitation program or have been advised by your doctor to work on reducing your cardiovascular risk factors.

She has experience working in Cardiac Rehab programs in the top NYC hospitals and also worked in Open Heart Surgery supporting the top doctors in the nation.

If you’re looking for heart health support, find out how we can help!