Funny Race Signs

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As runners and triathletes, we love crowd support during races, especially the funny race signs.  They give us that mental boost at a tough point in the race so we can pick up our pace and keep going.  The crowds bring some pretty great signs; some of them motivational, some very funny.

I recently ran the Goofy Challenge in Walt Disney World which was an awesome experience.  Where else would it be totally acceptable to run in a tiara?  And the crowds there had some pretty funny signs that made me laugh along the way. Today, I want to share with you some of the funny race signs I’ve seen spectators bring to running races and triathlons that I’ve been to.

Have you seen these at races? What are your favorites?


Any Idiot Can Run, But It Takes A Special Kind to Run A Marathon.

Running – It’s Not Just From The Cops Anymore.

Blisters Are In This Season.

I Heard There’s Bacon At The Finish.

Sweat is the New Black.

140.6, because 140.7 Would Be Crazy.

Fastest Parade Ever, Where Are All The Floats?

Your Legs Will Forgive You…Eventually.

Funny Race Signs

Comment below and let us know some of the signs you’ve seen at races.


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