Flight Delay Exercises

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If you’ve travelled, you know flight delays are inevitable at some point. Staying fit while traveling can be a challenge and with busy lives and work schedules, it can also be tough to get in the workout you had planned when you have to take time out to pack before a trip. So why not use that extra time you get from a delay to squeeze in some flight delay exercises?

Whether it’s 10 minutes or a few hours, you can add fitness into your day when you’re stuck at the airport. And if you wear your running shoes as part of your travel outfit, you’ll be able to perform any of these exercises comfortably. But I’ll give you extra credit if you do them in dress shoes or heels.

Flight Delay Exercises
What kind of flight delay exercises can you do to maintain fitness and pass the time?


Walking is always my go-to when I’m in an airport. It’s even better when that airport has a map with a walking route and mileage. Having a light carry-on or a carry-on with wheels will make walking around the terminals much more enjoyable. 


Since squats don’t require a lot of room to execute, you can do them anyway while keeping your carry on next to you. 

You can do chair squats by squatting down as if to sit down, then straightening up before touching the chair.

Or you can do wall squats by getting into a squat position while leaning against a wall and holding the position.

Walking Lunges

You’ll need some space to move forward in order to do walking lunges. If you do have the space for this and you have a carry on with wheels, then you can perform the walking lunges while rolling your carry-on next to your side.

Stairs or Step-Ups

If you find a flight of stairs or even just a step or two, you can incorporate these exercises into your flight delay. 

With a rolling carry-on, you can keep the carry-on next you while using one step to do alternate step-ups. If you have a light bag, then you can carry it while walking up and down the flight of stairs.

Hip Abduction

While standing next to a chair or wall for balance and keeping your bags nearby, stand straight and lift one leg up to the side. To target the glute medium and minimus, keep your leg and foot turned out and squeeze the glute as you lift your leg to the side.

Chair Tricep Dips

If you’re sitting on the chairs waiting to board, this is a great one to try. Hold onto the edge of the chair while you lower and raise yourself in front of the seat. You can keep your legs bent or out straight.


You can do regular push-ups on the floor, but who knows what’s been on that floor. If you’d rather keep your hands clean, you can do wall push-ups or incline push-ups against a chair.


If you’re lucky enough to get stuck in an airport with a yoga studio, then you’ve struck gold. You’ll be able to roll out a mat and loosen up with some of your favorite yoga stretches.

Flight Delay Exercises

How do you like to maintain fitness on your travel days? Tell us in the comments!

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