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Rise Endurance Club Membership

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Running and Triathlon Coaching

From completely customized coaching to pre-built plans, we’ve got what you need.

Form Improvement

Feel better doing what you do. Improve your running and swimming form to race faster and lower your risk of injury.

Heart Health Coaching

A holistic approach to heart health & wellness coaching to help you live your healthiest and happiest life.

Phone Consultations

Phone consultations with coach and exercise physiologist Joan Scrivanich. We’ll discuss your goals, training and racing, and answer your triathlon and running questions.

Coach Mentorships

At Rise Endurance, we have coach mentorships with your needs in mind. We offer remote and online mentorship programs for Run Coaches and Triathlon Coaches. No travel needed!

Group Talks and Seminars

Contact us to book a group talk or event for your club or organization.

Group or Team Coaching

Contact us to inquire about Coach Joan’s availability to coach your club, team, organization, or company. We work with you on what your group or team needs and can be done either in person or remotely.
Group coaching may include:

  • Training plans
  • Seminars and clinics
  • Group e-mails
  • Group coached training sessions
  • Season planning

Rise Endurance Merchandise Store

To order Rise Endurance apparel, caps, bags, mugs, stickers, etc., visit our merchandise store anytime.

Rise Endurance Sports Gear

Our available items include: swim caps, water bottlesvisorsheadbands, and totes.

Education Center

Take a look at our educational resources and discover more about running, triathlon, and health.