Strength Exercises for Triathletes

It’s important to incorporate exercises that work areas that are typically weak in triathletes in order to prevent injury, keep the body balanced, and become a faster athlete.  For triathletes, these areas are the core, shoulder girdle, and glutes (in particular the … Continued


As printed in the Jersey Girl Triathlon July 2014 newsletter The sun shines on your face as you head into the last half mile of your race.  Your breathing is rhythmic and in sync with your running cadence (in, in, … Continued

The Importance of Your Core

Do you ever find yourself feeling unsteady, wobbly, or unable to solidly complete a move while strength training?  Or any other time for that matter? The answer may be in your core. The core is your powerhouse and keeps you solid while … Continued


This winter is pretty typical here on the East Coast; we have the usual snow, slush, and ice that will last until spring finally arrives.  For this reason, running during the winter can be pretty tricky. Many athletes turn to … Continued

How to Recover

So you’ve trained for months for your most important race.  You’ve taken care of yourself by eating healthy, mentally preparing for the race, and supplementing your training with strength, core and corrective exercises.  But does taking care of your body … Continued