Benefits of Running Solo


There are benefits of running with a group, but if you’re doing all of your runs with others, you may want to consider the benefits of running solo.

Like everything in life, there should be a balance. Not all of your workouts have to be by yourself or with a group, but including a bit of both in your training will help you become a better athlete.

Solo Run

If you have specific goals and targeted workouts, you need to do some of those runs by yourself. If you are taking part in group runs, be sure to let your coach know what day your groups runs are on so that it can be incorporated into your plan.

Here are the top reasons you’ll want to include running solo as part of your training:

  • You Do The Workout You Have Planned

Running with a group can get you to run faster than if your where to run by yourself, or if it’s a social run, you may end up running slower than you wanted to. Either way, if you have a specific workout planned, you won’t always be able to get it in as prescribed if you’re running with a group. Running by yourself guarantees you’ll be doing the workout as planned.

  • You Learn To Pace Yourself

Running on your own is the perfect time for you to pay attention to the pace your running as opposed to the conversion you’re having with a running buddy. By focusing on your surroundings, perceived effort, and your time, you’ll learn what it feels like to run at different paces. This is a vital quality to have when you’re racing.

  • You Develop Mental Toughness

This is especially beneficial during marathon training, but applies to all distances that you race. If you’re going to push yourself to run your fastest on race day, then you need the mental toughness to push yourself through that discomfort.

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