Are You Prepared for Marathon Season?


Marathon season is just around the corner! Are you prepared for marathon season and your upcoming races?

Whether you’re training for 5ks or a marathon this fall, it’s important to prepare both physically and mentally.

Are You Prepared for Marathon Season?

Besides the long runs and training you’ve been doing all summer, here’s a list of the things you should make sure you’re doing and preparing for before race day.

Remember that the more time you give yourself reviewing these and preparing before race day, the better prepared for marathon season you’ll be.

  • Besides the physical workouts, make sure you’re practicing mental training
  • Know how to calm your pre-race nerves
  • Understand hydration and nutrition timing
    • Your daily nutrition and sports nutrition go hand in hand. The better your daily nutrition is, the smoother your sports nutrition will go. Finding out more about working with us to improve your results.
  • Have a race plan
  • Know what race day gear/clothes you’ll need
    • Keep an eye on the weather, but don’t obsess over it. Know your options depending on the conditions.
  • Know how you’ll stay warm before the start
  • Don’t forget chafing prevention
    • Check out our club partner, SBR, for some great anti-chafing products!
  • Have a post race plan
    • How will you get your bags?
    • Where will you meet family and friends?
    • What are your transportation options?

Are you racing a fall Ironman? It can be a challenge knowing what gear or kit you should use. Read more about what to wear for a fall Ironman.

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