7 Tips for Faster Transitions During Your Triathlon: T2


A fast transition requires skill and practice.  In order to have a fast race, you need to also be fast and smooth in transition.

Last week’s blog post was about a faster swim-to-bike transitions.  Below are 7 tips for faster bike-to-run transitions during your triathlon.

7 Tips for Faster Transitions During Your Triathlon: T2

Preparing For The Run:

– Near the end of the bike, switch to an easier gear. This will prepare your legs for the run.

Getting Off The Bike:

– Learn how to do a flying dismount; it will be the quickest way to get off your bike.  DO NOT attempt this on race day if you’re not comfortable or ready to do it.  On race day, get on and off your bike the best way you know how to.

– If you’re doing a flying dismount, take your feet out of your shoes about ¼ mile before transition and pedal with your feet onto of your bike shoes.

In Transition:

– Once in T2, rack your bike THEN remove your helmet. Avoid disqualification or penalties by keeping your helmet on and clipped at all times while on your bike. The first thing on & the last thing off should be your helmet.

– Lace Locks or other type of speed laces on your running shoes are a big time saver.

– Run without socks. If you must run with socks, scrunch or roll them up while setting up your transition area so that you can quickly pull them on when needed.

– Grab your hat, race number belt, and nutrition and keep moving. Don’t eat in transition or stop to put on your hat, you can do all that on the move.

Bonus Tips:

– Know the rules of racing triathlon.

The most commonly violated rules of triathlon

The full list of USAT rules

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