5 Tips for Faster Transitions During Your Triathlon: T1


Don’t leave faster transitions during your triathlon up to chance.  The time you spend in transition could make or break your race.

Follow these 5 tips for faster transitions during your triathlon for help in keeping you speedy in T1.
Next week, we’ll cover T2, so stay tuned.

5 Tips for Faster Transitions During Your Triathlon

Preparing For The Bike:

– Near the end of the swim, start kicking a little more to get blood into your legs and prepare them for the bike.

– Don’t run out of the water too soon.  Running in shallow water takes more energy and is slower than swimming in shallow water.  Swim until your hands start hitting the bottom, then get up and run.

Removing Your Wetsuit:

– While running to T1 and after unzipping your wetsuit, take off your cap & goggles.  Keep them in one hand while you peel off your wetsuit down to your hips and leave them behind in the sleeve.

In Transition:

– Never sit down in transition: it’s slower, you could get in someone else’s way, or you could cramp up.

Getting On The Bike:

– Learn how to do a flying mount; it will be the quickest way to get on your bike.  DO NOT attempt this on race day if you’re not comfortable or ready to do it.  On race day, get on and off your bike the best way you know how to.

Bonus Tips:

– The first thing on and the last thing off should be your helmet.  Avoid disqualification by not forgetting to make sure it’s clipped.

– Use products like Foggies and Trislide for clearer goggles and easier wetsuit removal.

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