Running in the Cold

Follow us!  If you live in an area where you get all four seasons, you most likely have a favorite season for running outdoors. If running in the cold is something you steer clear of, it’s just a matter of preparation in order to enjoy it more. Running during cold weather months doesn’t have to […]

Running Through The Holidays

Follow us!  This time of year can be hectic and adding training to our growing to-do list can be a challenge. Running through the holidays, or any kind of training, can be a stressful for anyone. But there’s one thing I want you to remember: Don’t be hard on yourself. Enjoy the season and time with […]

Add Variety To Your Triathlon Off-Season

Follow us!  Last week we talked about becoming a better triathlete in the off-season. This week, let’s discuss ways you can add variety to your triathlon off-season. Give trail running or mountain biking a try! Now is a great time to be on the trails, especially if you’re the type of athlete that always runs […]

The Triathlon Off-Season is Where You Become a Better Athlete

Follow us!The Triathlon Off-Season is Where You Become a Better Athlete For triathletes, the off-season is a perfect time to add variety to your yearlong training by participating in different sports as well as working on your weaknesses. It’s the time of year that triathlon is not taking the main stage, giving you more time […]

What You Need To Know About Treadmill Running

Follow us!What You Need To Know About Treadmill Running I get asked a lot of questions about running indoors and on a treadmill, so in this Periscope broadcast, I talked all about what you need to know about treadmill running, both the benefits and disadvantages.   Watch the video and find out what you need to […]


Follow us!As printed in the Jersey Girl Triathlon July 2014 newsletter The sun shines on your face as you head into the last half mile of your race.  Your breathing is rhythmic and in sync with your running cadence (in, in, out, out, in, in out, out).  A refreshing ocean breeze cools the sweat on […]