Running in Overpeck Park, NJ

  Running in Overpeck Park, NJ is great for either some speed work or your usual workout, whether you’re running solo or with a group If you’re in Bergen County, NJ and looking for a convenient paved trail to run, then check out Overpeck County Park in Leonia and Ridgefield Park, NJ. It’s my go-to […]

Progressing in Triathlon and Running

    Progressing in triathlon and running takes planning and understanding of workouts, physiology, and the individual athlete. Have you ever done a workout or exercise and wondered “Why haven’t I done this before?” Some athletes have wondered why they weren’t doing the workouts or exercises they’re doing now when they started with the sport or […]

Benefits of a Triathlon Training Camp

  You don’t have to be an elite athlete to attend and benefit from a triathlon training camp. Age group athletes of all levels come away from camp learning more about training and their sport. Having in-person access to a coach and other athletes offers huge opportunities to learn more about the sport, racing, and […]

New Podcast for Athletes

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, check out Endurance Sports on Fire with Ryan Riell.  It’s a new podcast for athletes as well as coaches. I was interviewed in the latest episode of the podcast and we talked about what I have going on (my new book “Injury Proof Your Run” and a Triathlon Training […]

What Are Good Coaches Made of? Physiology & Psychology & Training Plans

  OK, so maybe there aren’t poems about coaches (at least none that I’ve seen).  But there are plenty of people out there wondering what makes a good coach and how to decide on which is best for them. There are many more coaches available to the general public now then there were a few […]