Running in the Cold

  If you live in an area where you get all four seasons, you most likely have a favorite season for running outdoors. If running in the cold is something you steer clear of, it’s just a matter of preparation in order to enjoy it more. Running during cold weather months doesn’t have to be […]

Swimming for Runners

Swimming for Runners Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for runners, whether it’s for cross training in your off-season, as an active recovery day workout, or to keep up your fitness when injured. It’s a non-impact form of exercise that works your entire body, something all runners can benefit from. If you don’t already […]

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful… aka Off-Season Training

We’re finally getting some snow around here! So what’s a triathlete or runner to do when the weather outside has us stuck on the trainer or dreadmill…I mean treadmill? Well, there’s plenty to do!  The off-season can be a great time to try a new sport or return to a sport you’ve haven’t done in […]