Running in the Cold

Follow us!  If you live in an area where you get all four seasons, you most likely have a favorite season for running outdoors. If running in the cold is something you steer clear of, it’s just a matter of preparation in order to enjoy it more. Running during cold weather months doesn’t have to […]

Long Beach Island 18 Mile Run

Follow us!  I have two favorite places in this world, Lake Placid, NY (aka LP) and Long Beach Island, NJ (aka LBI). Actually, let’s change that to three and add Hawaii to the list. Lake Placid and LBI are just a bit easier for me to get to 🙂 The Long Beach Island 18 Mile […]

The Garden State

Follow us!So last time, I raved about my trip to Colorado.  Now it’s time to show off my home state: New Jersey. Yeah, I’ve heard all the jokes and comments: -New Joisey -It’s the armpit of NY -What exit? (out of staters may say this sarcastically or jokingly, but between New Jerseyans, this is a […]