Running on Hills

Follow us!  Love it or hate it, running on hills is inescapable. Including hills in your training helps you become a stronger runner and helps you develop into a more efficient runner.  Yes, running on hilly terrain can be tough, but there are so many benefits! It can be hard to avoid running on hills […]

Long Beach Island 18 Mile Run

Follow us!  I have two favorite places in this world, Lake Placid, NY (aka LP) and Long Beach Island, NJ (aka LBI). Actually, let’s change that to three and add Hawaii to the list. Lake Placid and LBI are just a bit easier for me to get to 🙂 The Long Beach Island 18 Mile […]

New Podcast for Athletes

Follow us!If you enjoy listening to podcasts, check out Endurance Sports on Fire with Ryan Riell.  It’s a new podcast for athletes as well as coaches. I was interviewed in the latest episode of the podcast and we talked about what I have going on (my new book “Injury Proof Your Run” and a Triathlon […]

What Are Good Coaches Made of? Physiology & Psychology & Training Plans

Follow us!  OK, so maybe there aren’t poems about coaches (at least none that I’ve seen).  But there are plenty of people out there wondering what makes a good coach and how to decide on which is best for them. There are many more coaches available to the general public now then there were a […]