Video Analysis

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Video Analysis of your running & swimming aids Run Video Analysisin identifying weaknesses in your running form or swimming form that need to be corrected.

This investment in your sport results in:

  • Running & Swimming longer & faster with less effort
  • More efficiency
  • Less fatigue
  • More speed
  • Better economy
  • Lower risk of injury

After implementing changes suggested in your video analysis, you’ll feel better and enjoy running and swimming with ease.

Running & Swimming Analysis is not only for elite athletes.

Who should have a video analysis?

  • Those who want to run and swim faster.
  • Runners, Triathletes & Open Water Swimmers who have had an injury or multiple injuries.
  • Athletes who want to feel better while running and swimming.
  • Anyone who wants to prevent running or swimming injuries.
  • Runners, Triathletes & Open Water Swimmers who want to maximize their potential and reach the next level in their sport.


Run Video Analysis

Your video analysis includes:

  • Detailed analysis of your current running or swimming form.
  • A report which includes a breakdown of your running or swimming form along with recommendations to correct & improve your form.

Improve Your Running or Swimming for $125

If scheduled in advance, videos may be taken by Coach Joan.  Remote athletes may upload videos via text message or Drop Box.


“Thank you so much for the run clinic and run analysis. After 9 years of running marathons your analysis and clinic have helped me to finally run a time-goal marathon without having my legs give-out at the 17-20 mile mark. The small but important form improvements along with the pre-hab exercises and stretches you prescribed made an immediate difference in my long runs. Over the next month and a half of training I went from barely being able to finish 20 miles to completing my 20 mile long runs at race pace + 15 seconds. On race day I managed a PR by over 9 minutes and all of that was because my form prevented my hips and glutes from fatiguing prematurely.   Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!”                            ~Michael