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We offer a full range of services for runners and triathletes

  services for runners and triathletes          services for runners and triathletes


Run Coaching

For runners who are either local or remote.
We create individualized & periodized running plans that will improve your running. With our expert guidance, you’ll finish faster & feel better while running.

Triathlon Coaching

For triathletes who are either local or remote.
We create custom periodized plans for triathletes that will improve your weaknesses and get you to the finish line faster. With our expert guidance, you’ll have the weight lifted off your shoulders of having to worry about what workouts to do.

Video Analysis

Video Analysis for either local or remote triathletes and runners.
Run or Swim with more efficiency & speed, less fatigue & lower risk of injury.

Training Plans

Reach your potential with one of our Running or Triathlon Training Plans.
These plans were developed to help you reach your goal and include a document explaining the zones used and additional information linked within the the workouts to help you along your training.

Other Services & Pricing

Rise Endurance Gift Certificates

– Give the gift of sport with a Rise Endurance Gift Certificate

Rise Endurance Gear

– Contact us to book a group event or talk for your club or organization.

– Elite Level Athletes: contact us for plans & fees.