Running in Overpeck Park, NJ



Running in Overpeck Park, NJ is great for either some speed work or your usual workout, whether you’re running solo or with a group

If you’re in Bergen County, NJ and looking for a convenient paved trail to run, then check out Overpeck County Park in Leonia and Ridgefield Park, NJ. It’s my go-to park in the North Jersey area because it’s easy to get to and conveniently located in the lower Bergen County area of New Jersey.

The Leonia side of the park is where you’ll find a track, squash courts, volleyball courts, and the 9/11 Memorial. This is the track we use for the Rise Endurance track sessions and boot camp sessions.


Running in Overpeck Park, NJ Running in Overpeck Park, NJ

The path on the Leonia side of the park consists of two connected loops that in total is just over 1 mile long and very flat. Perfect for warming up before using the track for some speed work.

Running in Overpeck Park, NJ

Besides green open space, you’ll also find an exercise station you can use to break up your run and add some variety to your workout.

Running in Overpeck Park, NJ

Crossing Fort Lee Rd to the Ridgefield Park section of the park (the “new” Overpeck Park) will bring you to a very different looking part of the park. While you do have to cross a busy road, there is a light with a cross signal. If you’ve never crossed that road, I highly recommend pushing that cross signal. It will yell at you “wait! wait!” and the way it says it just makes me laugh.

Running in Overpeck Park, NJ

The path on the Ridgefield Park section of the park consists of rolling hills that runs along Overpeck Creek. This path is more of an out and back type of path than a circle like the other side. Though at the far end of the park, the path is a bit of loop.

Running in Overpeck Park, NJ

You can easily run on both sides of the park, which will be just under 4 1/2 miles. So if you’re planning a longer run, you can run it twice or choose your favorite side to run through more than once.

Do you run at Overpeck Park? Comment below and tell us your favorite experiences at the park.


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  1. S. Mitchell

    I have been power walking in the park for the past seven years, ir is a great place to power walk and especially the new park and the distance, during the summer time i start my morning around 05:30 – 06:00am, power walking the trail for two and a half three hours none stop give me about 11-12 miles.

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