Progressing in Triathlon and Running

Follow us!    Progressing in triathlon and running takes planning and understanding of workouts, physiology, and the individual athlete. Have you ever done a workout or exercise and wondered “Why haven’t I done this before?” Some athletes have wondered why they weren’t doing the workouts or exercises they’re doing now when they started with the sport […]

Ironman Village Review at Ironman Lake Placid

Follow us! Ironman Village Review at Ironman Lake Placid Lake Placid (aka LP) is one of my absolutely favorite towns. Ironman weekend in this town is amazing. Summer is the busiest season there, and Ironman weekend is the busiest weekend of the year. If you’re from the east coast or the NY metro area, you’ll most […]

Staying Fit While Traveling

Follow us!    I’m writing this while sitting in a hotel room during a road trip, so staying fit while traveling has been on the front of my mind lately. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it can sometimes be a challenge to stay at your current level of fitness. But with some planning, […]

Castle Rock Mini Incline

Follow us!I recently visited my favorite little loop of a trail in Colorado, the Castle Rock mini incline. If you want a fun and challenging workout, check out the Challenge Staircase in Castle Rock, CO. Also know as the Mini Incline, this is a great workout that starts with 200 steps going up the trail […]

Benefits of a Triathlon Training Camp

Follow us!  You don’t have to be an elite athlete to attend and benefit from a triathlon training camp. Age group athletes of all levels come away from camp learning more about training and their sport. Having in-person access to a coach and other athletes offers huge opportunities to learn more about the sport, racing, […]

The DOs and DON’Ts of Downhill Running

Follow us!  Runners and triathletes run over all sorts of terrain because of training and racing. Even if you live in a flat area, chances are you’ll travel to a race or a vacation spot that will bring you to some hills. When it comes to running hills, embrace them, don’t avoid them in your […]