Benefits of Running with a Group


Do you do all of your running on your own? There are benefits of joining a group, so you might want to consider doing some of your runs with others or join a virtual club for the accountability and motivation. While running by yourself has it’s benefits, so does a group.

Rise Endurance Group Run

Group workouts are a great addition to your training, so if you plan on joining others for a run, be sure to let your coach know what day your group workouts are so that it can be incorporated into your plan.

Here are the top reasons you’ll want to include this as part of your training:

  • They Push You to Run Faster

Running with a group can bring out a bit of competitiveness and get you keeping up with someone that’s faster than you. It can also get you keeping up with someone you’re in a conversation with.

This is a great way to get in some faster running that you normally wouldn’t push yourself through while on your own.

  • They Motivate You to Get Out & Run

Having that accountability and knowing people are at the start of a run expecting you will get you out the door on days you just don’t feel like heading out.

  • Socializing

Let’s face it, as much as it’s nice to get away from the troubles of the day with a quiet workout, it’s also great to socialize and chat with other athletes who feel the way you do about working out and racing. The camaraderie of a club is priceless.

  • Safety in Numbers

Running alone when it’s dark out isn’t always the safest thing to do. Stay safe by running with others. Not only do you have the company during your run, but you also have other runners waiting for you at the end.

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